I am currently creating amazing content for the blogs of many clients at Aiken House! Here I research, write, edit, and post on topics from animal wound care, infertility, data management, and the anti-money laundering rules and regulations of financial institutions.

Check out my work as the Social Media Maven and Blog Editor at Bracken Magazine! Also on Twitter @BrackenMagazine and Facebook Bracken Magazine
Bracken has a unique voice, and shares poetry, prose and artwork all relating to the deep, dark forest and what can be found lurking within.

I was also a research, writing and editing intern at HolidaySmart, where I am responsible for tackling the diverse holidays of beautiful, sunny Spain and green and rocky Ireland!  I research content and reach out to local bloggers and sites to get an up close and personal account of how the Spanish and Irish celebrate their holidays.  I also am responsible for writing weekly articles that cover a diverse array of subjects, such as local crafts, recipes, customs and celebrations.


Also, feel free to check out my poetry and travel side blog, where I cover my travels around Pittsburgh and the world.

The Sagacious Bee


Blog articles

Blog articles for Aiken House clients

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Guest Posts

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