Suggestions for handling both slow and busy days

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If you’re a freelance anything, you know some days are slow, and some days the work keeps coming. And some days it’s even overwhelming! Wouldn’t it be great if we could just find a pattern to keep the work moving, at a nice even pace? Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that goes against an obscure rule of physics or something.  But, it’s good to know there are things you can do when you find yourself either stuck in a slow day, or caught up in a busy one.

My, what a busy, busy bee

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As I’m about 2 months into running my freelance copywriting business, I have found some days are busier than others. I can’t say I have enough work to fill a whole day (yet!) but I have experienced a couple times where it seems to be raining clients. To me, that’s awesome and those days get 2 snaps in Z formation. On those days I try and get back to everyone in a timely order, and understand that they’re probably just as busy as myself.  I work hard to give them some relevant writing examples (more on that later) and provide them with courteous responses.  Sometimes I have run into potential clients that keep demanding more and more writing samples or requests to “write-on-the-fly” as I call it.  This is when you get a prompt on a particular topic, and are expected to write about it. Using this, the client can gauge how you write, and if they choose to hire you or not.  This type of writing takes time, and I understand that they need to see that I will measure up to their demands.  I hope that clients understand that asking someone to send you writing samples plus complete 2 different prompts is a lot to ask of me when I might take home $15 for my time and effort.  Anyway, if everything works out, you’ll have made some seller/buyer agreements and all that’s left to do is the work.

Put it in slow motion for me

There are, however, other days where you just can’t seem to get a break. You know you’re qualified for the writing clients need, but you just can’t get anyone’s attention. That’s ok, I’ve learned, and it happens to

What sound does a turtle make?
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everyone. On those off days, I try to keep tweaking my website, search out more possible blog topics (yay!) or find an subject I like, and write about it! Not only is that a great way to expand your writing portfolio, but you also get to practice your writing skills as well.  They say practice makes perfect, right? Well why not find a theme you like such as, gardening, history, cooking, art (oh wait those are all things I love!), do some research and write til your heart’s content on it.  Since I read a lot, I also like to do book reviews.  They’re shorter than an analysis (I like doing those too) which means they’re much more accessible (meaning: readable) to clients.  Slow days are also a good way to check on any to-do lists or upcoming events you might have on your calendar as well.

So those are some suggestions to handle both busy and slow days. In parting, may all your days be full of pleasant clients, even amounts of work and no stress!  Probably not all of those will happen at once, but we can wish!


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